Roxanne R Campbell is a visual artist and media maker living in North Carolina. Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Campbell’s work is heavily influenced by memories of her childhood and her interest in the black diasporic experience, particularly in Jamaica, Haiti, and the United States. Campbell earned her MFA from Duke University in Experimental and Documentary Arts and a BA in Studio Art from the University of Virginia. As a documentary artist, her practice is a combination of photography and experimental video focused on the ways in which representations of black people contribute to the dehumanization and violence against black bodies within their own communities and society at large. She often explores how counter-framing, reimagining, or altering existing representations can also alter the perception of black bodies. Campbell is particularly interested in portraying these counter-narratives visually, at large scales and in varying mediums, in public and non-traditional exhibition spaces. Campbell has created work in Jamaica, Haiti, Cameroon, South Africa, and across the US. Her work has been shown in galleries, public exhibitions and conferences including the Penn Museum, Horace Williams House, Louise Jones Brown Art Gallery, The Power Plant Gallery, Durham County Public Library and the South African National Gallery.